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Scientific research backs up the claims, but the study that looked at this technique used highly concentrated cinnamon essential oil.

Sprinkle cinnamon on the areas where you have seen ants, or saturate cotton balls with cinnamon essential oil and use them to wipe down known trails and entry spots. But a word of caution: Essential oils can strip paint and stain surfaces, so test how your floor reacts in an inconspicuous area before you use it everywhere.

A Natural Way to Get Rid of Ants in Your House

Studies have shown that peppermint oil can work as a natural solution for a number of pest problems, including how to get rid of ants. Other research indicates that clove essential oil can successfully kill red fire ants. Of course, the fewer chemicals you use in your home, the better.

How to Get Rid of Ants Permanently Using Home Remedies

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How to Get Rid of Ants Permanently Using Home Remedies

Lisa Marie Conklin. Kick pesky ants out of your house and back to their colony with these easy, expert-approved tricks.

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Originally Published on sitename. Sugar ants and black ants are easy to confuse, though there are a few key differences. While both are attracted to sweets and starches in your home, sugar ants are nocturnal. Sugar ants also prefer nectars as a primary food source, especially those aphid secretions mentioned earlier. How to get rid of sugar ants: Target the colony with integrated bait.

Why are there ants in my house?

Since sugar ants prefer syrups and nectars, mix baits that use these ingredients, but will have to be carried back to the colony. Employing a liquid repellent will kill sugar ants on contact, but you will not be addressing your pest problem at its source. Place your semi-syrup mixture at points of entry overnight, then make a point to wipe down indoor plants with cold water or an aphid-friendly solvent as a final preventive measure. Carpenter ants are the largest and potentially most severe of ant infestations. They can grow to be a quarter of an inch to nearly half an inch long and feed on rotting wood.

How to get rid of carpenter ants: Contact an exterminator. Call an expert immediately if you see larger, lighter-colored ants in wooded places around your house, or if you notice small piles of random sawdust appearing in these areas. It bears repeating that the only way to permanently prevent ants from making frequent visits to your kitchen or home is to tackle them at their source. The best ant control tips include the ones in this article, but they take a broader approach that protects your entire home and decreases the likelihood of an ant infestation in the first place.

Identifying Ants

You have questions, and we have solutions. Spectrum Pest Control has been solving residential and commercial ant problems for nearly three decades in the Pittsburgh, Pa. From ant-control consultations to an integrated, year-round pest protection program, we want to ensure your home is safe, clean and comfortable — as it should be. Contact Spectrum Pest Control or explore our industry-leading integrated ant prevention plans today.

How to Get Rid of Ants

Toggle Sliding Bar Area. Wipe your counters, tables, appliances and jars with the solution to kill ants and prevent them from returning.

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  • Soap - Spray a soapy water solution into holes and crevices that may be the entry point for ants in your home. Cucumber peel - You have to try this method to believe that it works. Place a piece of cucumber peel in an area where you find ant infestations. Dried herbs - Ants are not fans of dried herbs, particularly mint and bay leaves.

    Sprinkle dried mint or place bay leaves in places where you find ants [source: Avian Web ].