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Live - Kelly will travel to your church Canada Live Online - Kelly teaches your group through the computer Available as an online course.

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Gifted for Purpose Live Online. Once you click, you land on the Paypal payment page. You have the option of making payment with your Paypal account by logging into your account with your email or password or with your credit or debit card as seen on the image below. This course is for people who truly want to take action now and would invest their time and money in it.

See, a lot of times we find it hard to invest in helpful courses like this because we think of the money we are committing to it.

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However, in life, for us to become more, we have to invest more in ourselves and lives. As for myself, everything may look all fine to you after reading the list of things I have been able to achieve as listed above.

Well, let me tell you, before I made head-way and saw any breakthroughs on my journey of using my God given gifts, I had to make monetary investment s and time to achieve the things I now have because I know exactly what to do. Today, I have achieved more than I could ever imagine by using my God given gifts, only because I took the leap of faith in invest in myself.

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How will you feel if after this course is over and you are still where you are now: confused, not confident, dabbling into too many things without finding a head-way, not sure about what your gifts are or how to maximise them or not even sure about what your purpose in life is? You do not want to miss out on all the good stuff you would learn on this course that would help take you from where you are now to fulfilling your purpose…. Guess What? The good thing is once we make up our minds to invest in a course like this, somehow, doors open for us to pay for it.

You will be glad you did. The question is: what price will you pay for purpose? God has given them and the church all they need to be rich spiritually and functionally in their life. Lets look at our passage. Paul started his letter reminding the Corinthian believers that they had been called out, set apart, looked upon as saints by God. Now that they belong to Christ, now that they have been saved, been redeemed, been set apart, become part of the family of God, they were given spiritual gifts.

We must first have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ in order to receive our spiritual gift. If you are here this morning and have truly placed your faith and trust in Jesus, you have a spiritual gift. There are many gifts given by God through the Holy Spirit and this is not the sermon to examine them. Just realize that if you are here this morning, God has a plan for you in your life.

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A plan that will not only give you a sense of fulfillment but also a sense of purpose. I thank God this morning for you who are in a relationship with Christ for bringing you here to serve and minister. As we will see as we go through 1 Corinthians, God has enriched the Corinthian church with eloquent speakers, those with the gift of exhortation.

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Nellie Cloninger. You highlight the key points of the scripture and your illustration from the sport of wrestling really brings home the importance of our using our gifts for the benefit of the Church community for those who do not yet know Jesus so they too can share Jesus' blessings. Thank you for sharing your inspiration. Post Reply Cancel.

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