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These are things that still have to be tested.

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The same psychology that explains "cute aggression" also explains why we cry when we're happy. Why can't we just smile and look happy when we're happy?

Desire. Flirtatious Woman Biting Her Sexy Lips

Whether or not we subscribe to a religion that honors Genesis in the Bible as our true literal origin or not, we can hardly escape the Western world unscathed by this creation myth. To recap, in it, God creates Adam as the first man and places him in the Garden of Eden, with the instructions that he can eat anything from any tree except from the tree of knowledge, which is prohibited. Without going too much in depth, these two considerations seem likely enough to formulate a strong suggestion that, as women, we need to be careful with our desires.

We cannot entirely trust them.

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Or seen paintings like the ones above. Now think about just how our subconscious is so, so powerful, and we have been shown by Carl Jung, Swiss psychotherapist and founder of analytical psychology, and others, that its contents and its patterns, or complexes, can shape our reality when we remain unconscious or unaware of them.

This unconscious, which is made up substantially by the collective ideas, is extremely powerful and can run our lives when we remain unaware of it and the patterns, beliefs, and ideas it holds. We live in a climate where women are told they can do anything. Barrier-type interventions that block contact between the mouth and nails, such as gloves, mittens, socks, and retainer-style or bite-plate devices can serve as impediments to biting or reminders not to bite.

Treatment in severe cases must also focus on reducing or removing the emotional factors associated with nail biting. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist.

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